like always windows OS is driving me crazy.I have localhost and I did run n98-magerun sys:check for troubleshoot magento and I know the problem as follows:

Invalid Secure BaseURL Store: default Wrong hostname configured. Hostname must
contain a dot

through installation when magento asked me to enter the host name I did use instead of localhost, I tried to use www.localhost.com to solve the problem in the hosts file of located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc       www.localhost.com

then I went to httpd.conf and I did the following:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin webmaster@dummy-host.example.com
    DocumentRoot "c:/wamp/www/magento"
    ServerName localhost.com
    ServerAlias www.localhost.com
    ErrorLog "logs/dummy-host.example.com-error.log"
    CustomLog "logs/dummy-host.example.com-access.log" common

I didn't change Logs because I didn't need them then in .htaccess of magento I wrote this:

 Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

and I can see the page:

enter image description here

but if I click on any link again I will be signed out because the domain is localhost and doesn't have dots

I tried to go core_config_data table and search for the base url, I didn't find anything

I tried every solution on the internet, literally everything.

P.S:I just found out that I can login through firefox but not chrome, I know the solution of changing Varien.php but I don't like it and I don't want to change core files it should have a better solution

P.S: As adeel said I increased cookie life time in php.ini from 0 to 3600

session.cookie_lifetime = 3600

still not working in chrome


Check in below image there you need to set your base_url set for both row, Try both localhost & , for me both are working fine. Table name is core_cofig_data

If you can't able to find the base url rows, just do a search in core_cofig_data table in path column web/unsecure/base_url OR web/secure/base_url.

Also increase Cookie Life Time & it will start working fine on Chrome too.

enter image description here

  • as I said I dont have them MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows). (Query took 0.0380 sec) SELECT * FROM core_config_data WHERE path LIKE 'web/secure/base_url' – Nickool Apr 12 '15 at 16:32
  • I also increased cookie life time and restarted apache no result yet – Nickool Apr 12 '15 at 17:15

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