Can I defined SKU in this way:

let's say I got a lot of M&M chocolates products, all the same chocolates product, and they got different bar code. Can I say that the sku works like the bar code, it's unique for every products with different ID??

But I can't seem how SKU will helped on tracking products, should I export the whole product list?? I mean when I want to track a products, I just input the products title to search it, right? If I want to search the certain specific product, it means I need to have specific SKU to search it, it this the function of SKU??

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    Stock Keeping Unit aka Part Number => Unique inventory identifier – Fiasco Labs Mar 5 '16 at 3:09

SKU means Stock-Keeping Unit and this is unique identifier so you can define it any way but must be unique.This helps to track your products with any number of store you have defined. If you have different products having same name at that it is very difficult to find the products what you want so you can find it by using sku.
Yes, you can define product sku on bar code.

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