In enterprise 1.14 version of Magento, we are using flat tables and reindexing is achieved by cron job and from command line i.e php indexer.php reindexall. But when I am trying the "update on save" option for reindexing, indexing process is not working when a product is saved. Why it is so? Which methods are responsible for the update on save indexing process and how I can debug this.


  • I have also checked logs, nothing found in system/exception log file. – Abhilash Acharya Apr 4 '15 at 7:55

Update on Save is handled by an observer. Check out this class: Enterprise_Catalog_Model_Index_Observer_Category_Product

Below I've listed the methods you will want to take a look at, and after each method I have listed the events that those methods are attached to.

  • processProductSaveEvent
    • enterprise_product_flat
    • enterprise_catalog_category_product
    • enterprise_product_price
  • processUpdateWebsiteForProduct
    • enterprise_catalog_category_product_website
  • processCategorySaveEvent
    • enterprise_category_flat
    • enterprise_catalog_category_product
    • enterprise_catalog_category_product

Hopefully this is enough to help you debug the issue!

  • Can I re-index single product programmatically ? – zed Blackbeard Nov 21 '16 at 10:29

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