in my class shipping in the file app/code/community/Innnoexts/Core/Helper/shipping.phpp.

I want to call the method getMethods() in the file app/code/local/Collinsharper/Purolator/Model/Source/Method.php I wrote this code

$test = Collinsharper::getModel(Purolator/Source/Method);
        echo '<br>'


but, I got this error PHP Fatal error: Class 'Collinsharper' not found in /www/sites/mysite.com/files/html/app/code/community/Innoexts/Core/Helper/Shipping.php

could you help me to give me the right instruction to call this method?



Magento don't use Collinsharper::getModel(Purolator/Source/Method); type . factory pattern and factory method.There are lot issue on your module.You need to basic study on magento module structure.

Issue1:Magento factory call

Ii should be Mage:: instead of Collinsharper::

start the factory method Mage::

It function is call at Mage.php(magentodir/app)

Issue2:Magento modelprefix for a module

getModel(Purolator should not be this.It should be getModel("modelprefix/

Model Prefix is define at app/code/community/Innnoexts/Core/etc/config.xml under <global> tag

        <modulePrefix><!-- guess that modulePrefix is your module model prefix -->

Magento model factory method look like:


Note: Here Innoexts_Core is this path of module.

Issue3:Factory method model class

As you have want to call function of Method.php from app/code/local/Collinsharper/Purolator/Model/Source/Method then it Method.php class should be


Then factory method is like


Collinsharper_Purolator_Model is modelPrefix as config.xml define

and source_method emulate as Source_Method.

Please check at http://www.amitbera.com/create-an-magento-extension-with-custom-database-table/

  • thanks amit, this is what I used: $puroMethods = Mage::getModel(Collinsharper_Purolator_Model_Source_Method)->getMethods(); – devopsmagento Apr 1 '15 at 19:46
  • no you canot use this – Amit Bera Apr 1 '15 at 19:47

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