we are using magento 1.9.0 version.

we applied catalog price rules for our products to give discounts for products.

but these special prices will disappear after some time.

is it problem with magento cron job. if so how to check whether cron job is working or not in site.

if not working means, what's the solution.

let me know if you have any queries.enter image description here

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Are you running cronjob.php or.sh... in both cases you could edit the files and let it send a email to you when it runs.

A second solution would be to try out this amazing extension giving you the best insight in the health, quality and possible issues with you cronjobs.

This extensions shows you the schedule of you cronjob and gives you insight if it runs and how long tasks take and which tasks have run.


Hope this helps. Cheers!


Have an observer that will insert a row into a table of your DB that shows the exact time that a certain cron is scheduled to run, then when that cron is ran have that same observer update that row to show that it is executed, then when it is complete once again update the row. if there is an error, log that error within your DB.

This will allow you to easily access and view and past - present - and future cron tasks in one place! Email is too distributed.

  • thanks for reply, i am new to this magento, can you explain me in detail or can you give any link that will explain in detail.... Mar 27, 2015 at 5:26

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