How can I relate a product review title, detail & nickname to a review with a score of 100? Looking at the tables, I can find this information between:

  • review_detail:

This has the information for the review_id, title, detail, & nickname.

However, it doesn't have information regarding the score of the review. I can find scores under the following table:

  • review_entity_summary:

This has the values for the product ID (entity_pk_value) and the rating_summary

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have a column for review_id.

How can I relate these two directly within the database structure?

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The review_entity_summary table keeps the general scores of a product. The ones you see in the list of products.

They are calculated and stored in this table when a review is approved (I think).

The link between the reviews and the scores are kept in the table rating_option_vote.
You have 4 important columns:

entity_pk_value (that's basically the product id)

rating_id (you can have multiple rating criteria)

review_id (this is what you are looking for)

percent (the review score).

The values from this table are displayed in the list of reviews for a product.


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