We use the Check Money order payment method as "invoice" payment. We also want to use this payment method for $0 orders.

but now when we select it we get "The requested Payment Method is not available."

Does anyone know a workaround. i've searched a lot but turned up with nothing :(


The code that handles this is in app/code/core/Mage/Payment/Block/Form/Container.php in the getMethods() method.

Look for this part of the method:

foreach ($methods as $key => $method) { if ($this->_canUseMethod($method) && ($total != 0 || $method->getCode() == 'free' || ($quote->hasRecurringItems() && $method->canManageRecurringProfiles()))) { $this->_assignMethod($method); } else { unset($methods[$key]); } }

Look at the if statement. You can update that logic. The easiest (and sloppiest) thing you could do is change part of that if line to something like:

BEFORE: || $method->getCode() == 'free' AFTER: || ($method->getCode() == 'free' || $method->getCode() == 'checkmo')

I'm not sure of your skill level. This way will work and it's the simplest, but you will lose this change if/when you upgrade Magento. It is bad practice to directly update the Magento core code.

See this link for how to properly override this method (it takes more steps): Magento System Overrides and Upgradability

  • Thank u Joa, but i tried it, but its not working :( Still getting "The requested payment method is not available" – Kay Int Veen Mar 27 '15 at 6:44
  • In addition to this answer, do you have a Minimum Order Total set in System > Configuration > Payment Methods > Check/Money Order? – Joseph at SwiftOtter Oct 3 '15 at 22:21

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