I want to use Paypal on English store view but not on some other store view.

How to make disable or hide Paypal on specific store view?


There are two way to ,you can do this

formula 1: Module Disable

Disable paypal module from Admin>System>Configuration Change the Scope to English store view then goes to Advance >Advance Disable Paypal Module.

Formula 2: using event observer

Create an event on payment_method_is_active and depends on current store disable and enable payment method.

And you need change on observer.In below example i have disable payment zero subtotal check when current store code is English.

    class Bh_ZeroSubtotalpaymentmethod_Model_Observer {

    public function filterpaymentmethod(Varien_Event_Observer $observer) {
            /* call get payment method */
        $method = $observer->getEvent()->getMethodInstance();
    $quote = $observer->getEvent()->getQuote();

    /* this condition prevent zero payment to display when current store is english */
        if($method->getCode()=='free' &&  Mage::app()->getStore()->getCode()=='YOUR_ENGLISG STORE_CODe'){
            $result = $observer->getEvent()->getResult();   
            $result->isAvailable = false;


  • Formula 1 is not work. I disable paypal as you mention for only the store view, but still checkout can process with paypal on that store. I will try later formula 2 if possible Thanks
    – Yohan
    Mar 23 '15 at 4:05

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