i have to get the products which do not contain any custom option, but not using has_options flag. The aim of doing this if the products do not contain any option, i have to set has_options to 0 progmatically(may be through magmi).

Is there any filter statement can select the products which do not have have custom options?

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It not proper way to get non custom option products using has_options field.has_option is set to 1 when it bundle.

Good idea to join the table catalog_product_option to collection and and using join query check product have custom option or not

Here Step1: Get Collection of product which have option and then group them by product id


Step2: filter product collection by excluding those products getting from step1

   $entityIds = new Zend_Db_Expr($Option->getSelect()->__toString());
    echo $Collection->getSelect()->where('e.entity_id not in(?)', $entityIds);
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