I need to add an "Edit" button on my cart page products.
I think "Edit" button on cart products has been added after magento version 1.5.x
Is there any way I can add "Edit" button on cart products without upgrading? If yes then where I should make changes for this?
Please reply if you have any idea. Thanks in advance.

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I would suggest to start from the very beginning.

I will give you the starting point which is common between ce-1.4.x.x and ce-1.5.x.x. It is checkout/cart/item/default.phtml template.

In 1.5.x.x the new column was added into the table. You should do the same.

This require getConfigureUrl() method in your Mage_Checkout_Block_Cart_Item_Renderer class. So you also have to copy this method.

This method is referencing to configureAction() method at Mage_Checkout_CartController. Copy it also.

I'll stop at this point and let you continue :-)

  • Thanks Tim for pointing me at the right direction. I can start from this point. Jul 26, 2013 at 11:45

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