I am using the Simple Configurable Products extension.

Right now there is text before a configurable product price that reads "starts at"

How can I add text to precede the price of a simple product?

Can I limit that text to simple products in certain categories only?

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The display of a product is basically independent from the Simple Configurable Products extension.

If you want to limit the text that displays, you have a couple of approaches you can take:

Firstly you can provide a name that is what you want to use, or in your theme's template file(s) based on where you wish to display the information, you can do checks prior to outputting.


$category = Mage::registry('current_category'); if($category->getName() == 'something) { echo $category->getName() . " " . $_product->getName(); } else { echo $_product->getName(); }

You will want to verify you have a category here of course, and any other checks to ensure you display only what you need to.

I suggest you enable the Template Hints in the admin panel to help you identify which template files parts of the site are being loaded from.

Hope that helps.

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