I am currently struggling through my first magento project and it seems to be leaving me with asking more questions than it has answered.

My current hurdle is adding default data to a child table.

I have two tables user and preferences I have created these by adding them directly to the database (for simplicity sake)

My plan is that when a user is added to the user table, then the preferences are all automatically set (for them to edit at a later time).

So far I have learnt how to add data to a table, but i'm struggling with:

  1. As I am using more than one table should I use Magento's EAV way creating tables?

  2. If simply adding two separate tables is acceptable how do I update the preferences table when the user table has been added to?

  3. To keep with best practices where should my code go for adding to a table and extracting from a table (helpers, models etc...)?


I added the prefcentreoptions node and table to my config


I added prefcentreoptions.php to the model folder

I added prefcentreoptions.php to the resource folder

I added a prefcentreoptions folder in the resource folder and added collection.php to that

I then tried to use

$prefs = Mage::getModel('prefcentreoptions/prefcentreoptions');

$prefs->setData('prefcentre_id', 1);

An error was thrown saying

Call to a member function setData() on a non-object

What have I done wrong


After changing

$prefs = Mage::getModel('prefcentreoptions/prefcentreoptions');


$prefs = Mage::getModel('prefcentre/prefcentreoptions');

the script move onto another error

Fatal error: Call to a member function beginTransaction() on a non-object in /Users/myname/Sites/magentoDevTest/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Abstract.php on line 313

what information have I not provided to the script for it to continue?

(just incase it makes a difference)

The database i am writing to only requires one column to be completed the rest of the information will have default values which will be added

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Several reasons why the model is not found:

  • Mage::getModel('prefcentreoptions/prefcentreoptions') is wrong, the parameter is badly formatted. Suppose that you have the following config.xml:

And your class is located to Mynamespace/Mymodulename/Model/Prefcentroptions and its name is Mynamespace_Mymodulename_Model_Prefcentroptions To get the model via Magento API, you will have to do Mage::getModel('pref/prefcentroptions');

  • The class doesn't exist or badly located or defined into the config.xml file. It depends of your namespace and module name but the class name should be something like Mynamespace_Mymodulename_Model_Prefcentroptions and should be located to app/code/local/Mynamespace/Mymodulename/Model/Prefcentroptions

  • If you want to use Mage::getModel('prefcentreoptions/prefcentreoptions'), in config.xml you should have the tag under models equal to prefcentreoptions. prefcentreoptions is the group name found in the config.xml to identitfy the class base name like the following:


Then when you do Mage::getModel('prefcentreoptions/prefcentreoptions'), it will be translated to Mynamespace_Pref_Model_Prefcentreoptions

  • Thankyou for your help, but I have now got a new error which I have added to the questions, I hope you wouldn't mid giving your thoughts?
    – tony09uk
    Commented Jul 26, 2013 at 10:03
  • hi, this may help: magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/… You may have forgotten protected function _construct() { $this->_init('groupname/tablename'); } Commented Jul 26, 2013 at 13:47

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