After deleting a store from admin, I am getting redirected to 404 error page when go to cms pages, I have tried to solve this by Using the Query provided in magentocommerce thread DELETE FROM cms_page_store WHERE store_id NOT IN (SELECT store_id FROM core_store)

There were some entries in that table which were related to the deleted store and deleted, But the problem still remains.


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Database tables: core_website, core_store and core_store_group Look for website_id attribute in table core_website and delete that website id from this. Repeat same: core_store and core_store_group.

You can check your store_view ids in admin->system->manage stores. All CMS pages should be assoicated with these id. If there is any extra/other id is in table cms_page_store field 'store_d' then 404 error will display.

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