In magento products, admin have option to add customer group price. I also want to add customer group special price. There is already special price option in the products but it is for all customer groups.

Here is group prices screenshot: enter image description here

So in the group price option I want to add one more input field named 'special price'. so this price can be used as special price for specific customer group.

Does someone have a suggestion?

  • You want a special price for a group? Then just add another group and make the price for that group. I´m confused by your question, can you give an example please
    – seb
    Mar 13, 2015 at 15:34

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I would suggest using:

Promotions > Catalog Price Rule > Add New Rule in Magento admin panel

there you can select customer group, date from when to when the discount applies and can make BIG conditions filter which the customer will have to satisfy to get that customer group special price.

At this "conditions" stage you choose "name filter" and specify "the product name" to which this promotion rule will apply, as well can add some other matching that product only criteria to make sure this rule stays only on that product. And thats it.

P.S. I love this option: it, in some way, creates a lot of options which are not present in product page.

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