we have several brands in 1 Magento install. Each with different language sites.

Our situation

  • Brand A, Brand B, brand C are set on Store Name level...
  • Languages are set on Store View level
  • All brands have more than 1 language: nl, de and en (set in Store View Code)
  • Brand A and B use the Add Store Code to Urls setting to add /en /de etc..
  • Brand C has unique root domains per country

I have two questions that we don't know how to handle. Help appreciated.

  1. I noticed that I cannot set the Store View Code to EN for Brand B when there is already a Store View Code for Brand A; but both have EN as a language. I can imagine more Magento installs have this situation. How is this generally solved?
  2. The setting Add Store Code to Urls is a global setting. Brand C uses a unique domain per language, whilst brand B uses the /en /de method. If I set Add Store Code to Urls to YES then it will add the store code also to the brand website that uses unique domain. Can these two methods co-exist?

Been Googling for a while now. Could not find a fitting answer.

Thanks in advance

Images of these settings

store view names add store code to url

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Question 1 is answered by the fact that you must add some extra information as the storeview code needs to be unique overall.

So you need to add brandb_en and brandb_nl to those. Or something similar. It is used to initialize the store in index.php Mage::app('brandb_nl', 'store');

For Question 2 you could try what happens if you put the value in the database core_config_data set to no for store C. Of coarse lets do that on a test environment, never tried it. Otherwise you should almost go with a module and a extra field as a sort of url-prefix, that you can set per storeview. Only that's a lot of work. You need to check every indexer for url's and onsave actions for products etcetera.

  • How about changing "Add Store Code to Urls" in the database and make it a storename level setting (instead of global)
    – snh_nl
    Apr 8, 2015 at 18:23

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