I'm testing Magento EE 1.14.1 using the RWD theme (rwd/default) and have come across the following problem.

  • I've created a very simple banner which is just plain text. It is not associated with a promotion or a segment.
  • To preview I've inserted the banner into a standard CMS page using
    the insert widget tool and then the rotating banner method (set to show all banners at once). I've assigned the banner to this.
  • Caching is turned off so no need to flush.
  • When I go to view the page on the frontend the banner is not displayed.
  • If I change the theme back to the original enterprise/default and view the page the banner displays.

I've also tried viewing the banner using the widget with a layout position (multiple layout positions) but to no avail.

Is anyone aware of anything I am doing wrong? Has anyone else come across this problem or able to replicate it. I've tried on two instances of EE and the problem happens on both.

Is this a bug or an error on my part? and if anyone has a solution I would be very grateful.


The problem is when you use the rwd/default template, that you have to make sure that it's parent is enterprise.

You can add/change a file etc/theme.xml to rwd/default with

<?xml version="1.0"?>

That way, Magento's lookup is changed from

  • rwd/theme
  • rwd/default
  • base/default


  • rwd/theme
  • rwd/default
  • enterprise/default
  • base/default

There's also a rwd/enterprise so be sure to set it correctly in the Magento backend.

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