On our customer account dashboard, we want to display the product image inside the order. We want to display the image before the product title.

What code do I need to add to the file


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Something like

$item = $this->getItem();

$product = $item->getParentId() ? $item->getParent()->getProduct() : $item->getProduct();

echo Mage::helper('catalog/image')->init($product, 'thumbnail');

Following code is what i used

// Load the product object
if($_item->getProductType() == 'configurable') {
    $_product = $_item->getProduct();
} else {
    $_product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($_item->getId());

// If no valid product could be loaded, use the default placeholder image for the product
$imgUrl = '/skin/frontend/default/default/images/catalog/product/placeholder/small_image.jpg';

// If a valid product has been loaded, use that product's thumbnail

if($_product->getId() && $_product->hasThumbnail()) {
    $imgUrl = Mage::helper('catalog/image')->init($_product, 'thumbnail')->resize(80, 120);

while, we have to consider the layout of the table, particularly when you hope it can be responsive.

the colspan=4 take trouble to us, while, we can change it by local.xml by following:

    <sales_order_view translate="label">
        remove colspan=4 
    <reference name="order_totals">
        <action method="setLabelProperties"><value>colspan="3" class="a-right"</value></action>
        <action method="setValueProperties"><value>colspan="3" class="last a-right"</value></action>


reference: https://mobweb.ch/2014-08-12-magento-showing-product-images-on-the-order-overview-in-the-admin-panel/


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