I have upgraded to Magento and see that Magento has implemented a new way to include the header and footer of e-mails in transactional e-mails. Great!

I have succesfully included the header.phtml file with {{template config_path="design/email/header"}}. However, in header.phtml I want to add custom images. In the default file of Magento the logo is included by using {{var logo_url}}.

However, a command which I would normally use is not working:

Anyone got an idea on how to include custom images in the header of your transactional e-mails?

  • What command would you normally use? Commented Mar 10, 2015 at 14:11

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Getting image URLs is done with the following snippets:

{{skin url="path/to/file.jpg" _area="frontend"}}


{{media url='path/to/file.jpg'}}

More about this on this blogpost

  • Yes, thanks, that was already the snippet I was using but apparently magento was looking in the wrong directory / not my skin directory. Thanks! Commented Mar 12, 2015 at 10:37

Apparently there is a bug in Magento, which sometimes prevents the correct images from showing up. I have found the answer in this blogpost

Apparently you sometimes have to apply both the package and theme in the link to the image:

{{skin url='images/email/logo.png' _area='frontend' _package='your-package' _theme='your-theme'}}

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