I have created custom from and to dates to validate the shopping cart rule coupons.
For this I have overridden the Mage_SalesRule_Model_Mysql4_Rule_Collection setValidationFilter().

protected function setValidationFilter($websiteId, $customerGroupId, $couponCode='', $now=null)
    if ($this->getFlag('validation_filter')) {
        return $this;

    if ($couponCode)
        $couponCode = explode(',', $couponCode); // multiple coupon compatibility


    $this->getSelect()->from(array('main_table' => $this->getTable('salesrule/rule')));        
    $this->addWebsiteGroupDateFilter($websiteId, $customerGroupId, $now);

    if ($couponCode) {
        $this->getSelect()->joinLeft(array('c' => $this->getTable('salesrule/coupon')), 
            'main_table.rule_id = c.rule_id ', 

        // Mage_SalesRule_Model_Rule::COUPON_TYPE_NO_COUPON is not defined
            $this->getSelect()->getAdapter()->quoteInto(' main_table.coupon_type = ?', 1)
            $this->getSelect()->getAdapter()->quoteInto(' OR c.code IN(?)', $couponCode)

        //modify rule date to validate with custom dates
        if (is_null($now)) {
            $now = Mage::getModel('core/date')->date('Y-m-d');

        $this->getSelect()->join(array('cd' => $this->getTable('couponenhancement/couponenhancement')), 
                'main_table.rule_id = cd.rule_id ', 

        $this->getSelect()->where('cd.coupon_valid_from is null or cd.coupon_valid_from<=?', $now);
        $this->getSelect()->where('cd.coupon_valid_to is null or cd.coupon_valid_to>=?', $now);

    else {
        $this->getSelect()->where('main_table.coupon_type = ?', 1);


    $this->setFlag('validation_filter', true);

    return $this;

Printing the query gives me this..

SELECT `main_table`.*, `c`.`code`, `cd`.`coupon_valid_from`, `cd`.`coupon_valid_to` FROM `salesrule` AS `main_table` 
 INNER JOIN `salesrule_customer_group` AS `customer_group_ids` ON main_table.rule_id = customer_group_ids.rule_id AND customer_group_ids.customer_group_id = 1
 LEFT JOIN `salesrule_coupon` AS `c` ON main_table.rule_id = c.rule_id 
 INNER JOIN `couponenhancement` AS `cd` ON main_table.rule_id = cd.rule_id  
 WHERE (EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM `salesrule_website` AS `website` 
 WHERE (website.website_id IN ('3')) 
 AND (main_table.rule_id = website.rule_id))) 
 AND (**from_date** is null or from_date = '2015-03-09') 
 AND (is_active = '1') 
 AND ( main_table.coupon_type = 1 OR c.code IN('APRGE05-2687-3459')) 
 AND (cd.coupon_valid_from is null or cd.coupon_valid_from='2015-03-09') 
 GROUP BY `main_table`.`rule_id` ORDER BY `sort_order` ASC

PROBLEM HERE IS the query also includes the default date columns(from_date & to_date) as well as My custom column for dates (coupon_valid_from & coupon_valid_to).

Now I need to Remove ONLY the default date columns from_date & to_date from the query. and my validation will work fine.

Is there a way to do it. $this->getSelect()->reset(Zend_Db_Select::WHERE) removed full where condition.. but I only need to remove those particular from_date and to_date where fields.


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You could do something with $select->getPart(Zend_Db_Select::WHERE) and remove the field you don't want, add the reset again.

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