i have a example of what i exactly want, on a magento website http://www.strollers.ro/ on a product page, we have a link(first print button), which redirect to the same page in a pop up, with a print button.

My question , because i spent a week trying to achieve this. which file should i edit?

There seems to be some files for PDF or pop up in Magento folders, do I need to create a module?

All I want is a link to a phtml file (print.phtml? is this the file?) that represent the same page without sidebar, footer etc, and with just product description and a print button.

I'm a beginner.


There is a rule to add skin/frontend/package/theme/css/print.css. If the file exists in your theme it will automatically be added in your frontend.

You could add this file and edit accordingly for print specific styles.

Add a button on your productpage with window.print() as action and you are ready to go.

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There's a FREE Magento Extension for this: Print Product & Shopping Cart Page

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  • What about magento 2 for Print Product Page ? – Payal Patel Dec 27 '18 at 13:06

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