I am using Magento Enterprise

After creating two client account to run tests, I placed two order, one for each client. An order confirmation for the first order is sent to both client 61 times per hour since then. I tried removing all mention of the sending sales@ email address from the configuration panel and disabling email sending from config. Both the server and the template support indicate that it stems from a bug in Magento.

How can I : 1. Stop the flow of email 2. Ensure proper functioning of automated order confirmation sending

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This issue could be related to the new Magento Email Queue system, that leaves orphan records on the Recipients table.

If this is your issue, I've sent a fix on this post: https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/87299/23057


In the backend there's an option to turn off all mail sending:

System > Configuration > System > Mail Sending settings

Set "Disable Email Communications" to "Yes". This and:

System > Configuration > Design > HTML Head > "Display Demo Store Notice"

is what I try to do with every new test / development install. Now, why your mail is not being marked as sent, is difficult to say. Judging from the code, a field "processed_at" should be NOT NULL for a message to be considered as sent. This is done by Mage_Core_Mode_Email_Queue::send().

If an exception is thrown, then processed_at never gets set. I can only assume that your mailer returns a non-transient error code.

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