I have a CMS-Website and a SHOP-Wensite and I try to redirect the Magento Homepage to my CMS-Homepage. At my server the cms and magento are in two diffrent folders. If I click at myshop.domain.com it should be redirect to cms.domain.com

I've tried with a new page in magento and at "system > configuration > web > default pages" I choose my new page as home page.

At this page I can't use PHP (header location) ...or Javascript (document.location.href)

How can I redirect (301) my Magento HomePage to my CMS-Homepage?

With htaccess? I found Catalog > URL Redirects but my 301 didn't work?!


You should set ../ as target path, see the screenshot below:

enter image description here

Now request to www.domain.com/network-nvr201-08lp will redirect to www.domain.com.


Catalog > URL Rewrite Management > Add New URL Rewrite



I know this comes a couple of years later, but I've found myself in that same problem today.

I've solved it with a RewriteRule on the .htaccess file. In my case it's been something similar to:

RewriteRule ^images/(.*) https://myothersite.com/myimages [L,R=301]

It worked like a charm!

I've found that it is important the order of the optional flags. For example:

RewriteRule ^images/(.*) https://myothersite.com/myimages **[R=301,L]**

Didn't work and was giving me a 500 HTTP error code.

Adding to the links shown on Srikanth AD answer I'm adding this one too (disclaimer 2: this is autopromo as I've written it myself :P):

Coming late, but hope it helps someone else!

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