I updated Magento to the version and noticed that in Finnish the admin panel date on the upper right corner shows each day in "cccc". When I change the language the date is normal, for example today it's "Friday, 6 March 2015" but when I change to Finnish, the date is "cccc 6. maaliskuuta 2015". I'm not sure where this should be translated, but at least the "translate.csv" does not affect the cccc. It's a small issue but would be nice to have fixed, so any advice would be appreciated.

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The date formats are defined in the Zend_Locale library module. The language file Suomi / Finnish (fi.xml) is the only one containing the erroneous date format pattern cccc d. MMMM y whereas all other ones are set to EEEE, d. MMMM y or similar.

The pattern was introduced with a commit in ZF 1.12.4 (so CE is not affected).

To fix this temporarily, you can copy the Zend_Locale module to e.g. app/code/local and modify the XML file there (duplicating a subset of the module should do, copying only the language file will not). Log out, clear caches, log in, perjantaina!

Additionally, you might isolate the problem and file an issue at the ZF's GitHub.

UPDATE: The locale data turned out to be an external library to ZF, so this is not within the ZF collaborators' area of responsibility.

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