Is there any method to change the order increment id while submitting the order? My client wants to change the prefix of order_id if the order is paid through a particular payment gateway.

Please let me know. Thanks!


You can try this http://www.warpconduit.net/2012/04/18/how-to-change-the-order-increment-id-and-prefix-in-magento/

Thecoderin,it too complex process to change order_id on basic of payment is done/not. Because of you

1.`want to prefix only case of order paid`, and
2.`Most important is this field is auto increment field.`

As a alternative Solution:

add new field to order table sales_flat_order and sales_flat_order_grid

then using magento event/observer you update field.

Magento event/list https://www.nicksays.co.uk/magento-events-cheat-sheet-1-8/

  • Thanks. Can you let me know why we cannot change the order increment id before submitting the order? Is the order id set before we submit the order? – Anish Karim Mar 17 '15 at 4:25

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