In my webshop I have contact form and it is submitted successfully, but Comment text area field content show in one line. Suppose customer write like this(with line break) -

Hello, I would like to get a price for the product XY.

I am using this code

{{block type="core/template" name="contactForm" form_action="/contacts/index/post" template="contacts/form.phtml"}}

Please tell me what i do ?

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Most probably your are using a html reader to view the mail and the e-mail which is send is just plain-text.

Therefore it is all in one line.

You could go and edit: app/locale/en_US(or your locale)/email/contact_form.phtml and add some html code to it.

<!--@subject Contact Form@-->
{"var data.name":"Sender Name",
"var data.email":"Sender Email",
"var data.telephone":"Sender Telephone",
"var data.comment":"Comment"}
Name: {{var data.name}}<br />
E-mail: {{var data.email}}<br />
Telephone: {{var data.telephone}}<br />
<br />
Comment: {{var data.comment}}<br />

Only the last line will be in one line.


Try passing the comment into the nl2br function. This should convert it and then display it correctly.

{{var data.comment:escape|nl2br}}
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    Was looking for something like this, unfortunately does not work for me in M2 html email template, it doesn't echo the variable if I do this
    – 00-BBB
    Aug 25, 2020 at 14:23

This works:

Comment: {{var data.comment|nl2br}}

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