I am in the process of trying to set a Magento cookie variable on click using jQuery but can't seem to get it too work.

Would the best way to do this be to hit a controller action using ajax when the click event is fired and then use the following code snippet inside the controller action?

Mage::getModel(‘core/cookie’)->set($name, $value);

Or is this approach a complex way of doing such a task and is there a different approach I should take?

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I thought cookies could be set on the frontend?

Here is how you could store the store code using 'standard' Magento methods:

    var urlStoreCode = window.location.pathname.replace(/^\/+|\/+$/g,"").split('/')[0];
    if(urlStoreCode != "") Mage.Cookies.set('store', urlStoreCode);

That uses the Magento library and I don't see why jQuery is needed when there is an adequate library built in. Doing it this way means there is no need to create work for the server.

What did I miss?

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