Since a week i'm trying to get the REST API to work but without success, i searched the whole internet for a solution. Everytime when i try to connect to the Magento REST API i get the

Error 401 oauth_parameters_absent=oauth_token.

I'm using the firefox RESTClient and i have 2 seperate Magento installations on different server with different versions ( & but on both systems the same error.

If i try to connect via the guest role, everything works fine but over the oAuth i always get the 401 error.

Maybe someone could help me im really getting desperate


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Here is the detail set-by-step instruction to test REST api via Firefox's RestClient:Testing REST Resources

Make sure you have already got these key parameters and filled in the

Authentication->Oauth->signature for this request

  • oauth_consumer_key
  • oauth_consumer_secret
  • oauth_token
  • oauth_token_secret

Yes Magento 1.X is old and complex when doing REST stuffs, just keep calm and try, don't panic :)

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