I m running a magento site with default theme and products loading at the main page. Now i m trying to get new theme for which i copied app/themename directory to app/design/frontend/default and skin/themename to skin/frontend/default, also did i copy app/code/local to app/code/ and other stuff like etc/modules/* and js/* to magento site appropriate directory.

Now i went to System -> Design and selected the theme which i copied. Then i cleared the cache and logged out. The next time i login into the admin panel, my panel goes blank and the error msg is get from apache logs is Class 'Megnor_Framework_Helper_Data' not found in app/Mage.php. Not only that my site doesn't load images with grid/list, but css is good.

Then i did some trial by removing local and followed the same procedure. Now i m back with my admin panel but my site still doesn't load images and this time my apache logs gives me this Class 'Mage_Framework_Helper_Data' not found in app/Mage.php

Not knowing further what to do


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Sounds like somewhere in your project you have Mage::helper('framework') or Mage::helper("framework"); which can't load the helper.

I would imagine looking at your steps that you had a module residing in app/code/local/Megnor/Framework which was declaring helpers using the shortname framework but the file app/code/local/Megnor/Framework/Helper/Data.php didn't exist or wasn't readable by your web server. This explains the error Class 'Megnor_Framework_Helper_Data' not found in app/Mage.php.

If you then removed the module files, but there was still an attempt to load the helper in one of your templates, Magento would attempt to load Mage_Framework_Helper_Data instead since the shortname wouldn't be conversted to Megnor_Framework_Helper anymore.

Long story short, search for the helper calls mentioned on my first line in your app/design folder. If it's there, you'll need to make a determination on whether you can remove these lines, or whether you need to attempt to succesfully install the module Megnor_Framework.

  • I created a new file and added code from following link savekro.com/test/app/code/local/Megnor/Framework/etc/…. These resulted into a new error Megnor_AdvancedMenu_Helper_Data. Can we get any idea from it.
    – avaj
    Mar 3, 2015 at 11:10
  • It sounds like you have a bunch of modules missing from app/etc/local/Megnor/. Mar 3, 2015 at 11:24
  • Perhaps I could find all the modules under app/etc/local/Megnor/, just that they are not being called/used.
    – avaj
    Mar 3, 2015 at 12:00

Blank admin page could happen if you have compilation on and install new stuff.

Have you disabled compilation first?

EDIT: Not sure how it is in 1.8.0 as I use 1.9.1. But in 1.9.1 theme should go in


and not in


Similarly for skin and modules.

Have you triple checked these?

  • Yes, compilation is disabled
    – avaj
    Mar 3, 2015 at 11:07
  • Ok, I have edited my answer with some more info you might want to check.
    – george
    Mar 3, 2015 at 12:12
  • Sorry checked it, but the files should go in app/design/frontend/default only
    – avaj
    Mar 3, 2015 at 12:24

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