I don't know whats going wrong with my Magento 1.9 setup. From last few days I have seen my /var/session directory remains same with no files generated. It's showing empty content.


Configuration -> Web -> Session Cookie Management Has below data

Cookie Lifetime : 3600

Cookie Path :

Cookie Domain : .domain.com

Use HTTP Only : Yes

Cookie Restriction Mode : No

Please suggest how to resolve this issue or this is not a problem. It's working fine.

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Check your local.xml file in app/etc/local.xml. Under the <session_save> node, does it say files? If not, your sessions are probably saved in the storage engine designated in that node.

If it does say files, check to ensure your var/ directory is fully writable (chmod 777 permissions). If it isn't, they are probably being saved in you /tmp/magento directory in your linux distro.


It is deffinitelly an access rights issue. Make sure to set the /var/session/ folder writable "by others"

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