I am using modman to manage modules for a Magento project.

I want to know whether its viable to use modman to manage my theme files also.

Therefore the advantage will be my Magento base installation will be untouched and all my edits will be done through my modman directory. Has anyone tried this?



Magento templating has already advanced features onboard to leave the base theme untouched(really recommend using this)

also since 1.9 you can add a file in your theme package/theme/etc/theme.xml where you can set the parent theme.

You could add your custom theme package to modman if you like.

I do the same for bought themes.

  • Install bought theme app/design/frontend/bought/theme
  • Install custom theme app/design/frontend/my/default
  • Add etc/theme.xml with a parent

    <?xml version="1.0"?> <theme> <parent>bought/theme</parent> </theme>

This way of overriding allows me to use custom templates for products, categories and others.

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You can of course also use modman to manage your theme files. The procedure is exactly the same. Put the theme in a folder, put an appropriate modman file in it and do a ./modman deploy-all or a ./modman/deploy Your_Theme if you put your theme in the folder Your_Theme.

But make sure that you set "Allow Symlinks" to "Yes" under System - Configuration - Developer - Template Settings. Otherwise, you will get a blank page or you will see the base/default theme since Magento does not accept your symlinked template files.

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