I would like to add an attribute "Product Code" to show alongside SKU on my orders and invoices. How can I achieve this? The extensions I find seem to be centered around changing your checkout, which I don't want to touch. And any other explanations of this seem very complicated. Is there a solution for my problem? Thanks in advance

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The best way to accomplish this would be to add a field to the sales_flat_order table (Adding custom fields to sales_flat_order) (so your order data wont change as product change overtime). Then using a observer you store this info to the file your created.

To add the fields to your email, go to system transactional email then edit/import those template.

Then add the following code where you want it to show.

{{var order.field_name_here}}

To add these field to your pdf see Add custom attribute to Magento’s PDF invoice

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