I am making a Mage::getModel call to try and get all products in a certain category that is in stock.

$stockIds = Mage::getModel('cataloginventory/stock_item')
    ->addFieldToFilter('is_in_stock', 1)


Everything works apart from the ->addFieldToFilter('is_in_stock', 1) line. Without it all products in the category show up. With it, it's filtering some (apparently random) products out, but not based on whether it is 'In stock'. Some out-of-stock items still appears, and some in-stock items do not appear.

I have checked that all the products are enabled and all quantities are at least 10.

How do I get all products in a certain category that is in stock?


first,$stockIds don't return the product ids ,it give the stock id,basically stock table primary key. If you want to filter product collection by saleable then you need use below code:


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