I am able to retrieve the real order id by


I am unable to find any documentation or posts that show how to get the real shipment id, so far I am only able to get the Id by


And that Id is not the Id shown on the adminhtml grids... any ideas on how I can get the real shipment id?

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Try the following:


In fact, you can use getIncrementId on credit memos and invoices, too.

After all, getRealOrderId is just an alias for increment_id:


public function getRealOrderId()
    $id = $this->getData('real_order_id');
    if (is_null($id)) {
        $id = $this->getIncrementId();
    return $id;

I'm not sure of the history, but real_order_id looks to be a remnant deprecated by standardization of increment_id - it was once a column value in some modules including the flat order grid.


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