i have this code in an observer.php :


class Moh3n_Attvaluecopier_Model_Observer

public function  copyAttribute($observer){


        $_product = $observer->getProduct();
        $_productid = $_product->getId();
        $productModel = Mage::getModel('catalog/product');
        $loadCurrentProduct = $productModel->load($_productid);

it copies the weight attribute value into general_weight attribute without decimals.

i want to add a value like (KG) to general_weight right after copied value. i want general_weight to show this way: 1000 KG

how to do that?

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Assuming you are saving it as a string, just do this:

$weight = intval($loadCurrentProduct->getWeight());
$gw = (string)$weight. " KG";

If you need to save it as an integer for comparison or something, you could add the KG when outputting the value in the template, or write a custom getter for general_weight in your model that gives you

return $value . " KG";

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