I want following actions to work on

  • Add to cart will add product in the cart only.

  • Buy Now will directly redirect the customer to the checkout page skipping cart step.

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Rewrite you can do this magento two process

Process One:

one is rewrite the class Mage_Checkout_CartController and in this addAction() at code if (!$cart->getQuote()->getHasError()) { add redirection code $this->_redirect('checkout/onepage');

Process two:

Using event/Observer



This event provide the data of product object and cart request parameters

    array('product' => $product, 'request' => $this->getRequest(), 'response' => $this->getResponse())

Config.xml code:


Observer code:

using this event you can set your return url

$observer->getEvent()->getRequest()->setParam('return_url',Mage::getUrl('checkout/onepage')); this redirect to you at checkout Onepage function:

public function addToCartComplete(Varien_Event_Observer $observer) {
 $product = $observer->getEvent()->getProduct();

this redirect to you at Checkout onepage

  • Will this work with items with custom option and configurable?
    – KiD Cajes
    May 21, 2016 at 9:01

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