A: http://[magento site]/api/v2_soap/index/ - error 500

B: http://[magento site]/api/v2_soap/index/wsdl/1/ - Working

Formerly the A is working to my old site which have 5.5 PHP version and now I migrated to another site which have 5.2 PHP version which cause the A: getting error 500 and now I'm using the B: which is working now. My concern is that there is a 3rd party connecting to the site which is using the A: and now there getting issue on getting any output from the site.

Thanks in advance

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Magento is not compatible with PHP 5.2.

You can read the system requirements here. Since this was caused after migrating I'm fairly sure this will be the cause of the issues.

I would advice to upgrade to at least PHP 5.4


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