In the cart I want to display in the totals block, always a free shipping line. We ship our products always for free, so is there a way to display between the subtotal.phtml and tax.phtml always the shipping.phtml?

Currently this is only displayed when the fields of the checkout are filed.

  • Please check Shopping cart rules ....Magento shopping is provide to setting to free. – Amit Bera Feb 13 '15 at 14:07

if you want to add it between you need to update the accordning layout file, which loads the corresponding phtml files and block elements and put them together, probably checkout.xml and the checkout_cart_index node. The problem is, the totals usually getting rendered from


In here we got

<?php echo $this->renderTotals(); ?>

if you want to get between the total lines you need to adjust the renderer.

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