So once again I find myself trying to track down "add to cart" performance issues. I was looking at anything related to the cart and noticed that there is a feature in the admin panel Reports->Products in Cart that has hundreds of products that were added to the cart and Reports->Abandoned Carts that has registered users who have left items in their carts.

My question is, does this affect performance or are these simply logs?

Regardless of it it affects performance, how can this be emptied?


These are simply data which are getting their information from sales_flat_quote and sales_flat_quote_item.

The log maintenance only removes quotes that have orders (is_active=0) which only runs via cron.

There could be a time when you need to delete the orphaned quotes, however you will need to create a custom MySQL query to delete only the ones that have been orphaned for over 60 days or so.

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