I am a magento developer and now want to start theme development using HTML5 and CSS3. Please help me for a start on this if any body can.


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The most logical place to start with an HTML5 theme is the doctype:

<!DOCTYPE html>

All joking aside - theme development is a very broad and complex issue. I recommend you look at some existing HTML5 themes - to give you a working base and to broaden your understanding of Magento theming.

Below are all free themes:

HTML5 Boilerplate


Magento's iPhone Theme is now HTML5:


Twitter Bootstrap:


Read more:

In addition here are some other resources to learn more about theming in general:

Alan Storm (literally) wrote the book on Magento Layout:

A little old, but still relevant:

Magento's own site has some good content, too:

Don't forget Magento U training - worth every penny:

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    This has happened before. I was about to write a similar answer. So +1. I might add a list of 'inspiration' material: templatemonster.com/responsive-magento-themes
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