I searched the net but found no real solution. Is there an easy way to export xtcmodified customer data into Magento?

Thanks a lot!


First: You will get a more specific answer here, if you clarify some details of your question. Giving us some information about your xtcmodified customer data and how it looks like will give us a better idea about your problem.

By default, you can import customer data in the formats of MS Excel XML or CSV / Tab separated.

Have a look at the settings and profiles in a standard Magento installation:

System > Import/Export > Import

You can also define Dataflow Profiles for the import and export there including value delimiters, values enclosing characters.

The standard customer export in Magento CE looks like this:

email@domain.com,base,default,,"2015-02-17 00:06:00","Default Store View",0,,John,,1,Doe,,password,,,,1,,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you transform your xtcmodified data into a CSV like this, you can import it into Magento.


Just in addition to @anna-völkl's answer: You can get a customer export module for modified eCommerce in their forum. You can probably edit the resulting file to match Magento's format presented by Anna and import it.

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