I optimized my site and according to webpage test its very good. However if i check homepage im getting A mark for First Byte Time if i check an inner page than its F.





When i was working on the home page and got the A result from F i didnt make change on a specified file but i adjusted CSS,JS Merge,Complier. Is it possible that these configuration only applied to home page that i should change or how can i get this result.

Thank you

  • Is it possible that it's the hosting provider's fault. I use cloud server with 2gb ram and 2cpu
    – peterc
    Commented Feb 9, 2015 at 3:36

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The result with an A rating looks like it got served cached HTML (Varnish or FPC most likely), the second one didn't. I am seeing similar render times for both pages in firebug and I think if you run another test on the homepage you will get a similar result to the 'inner' page.

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