I am editing the file \app\design\frontend\base\default\template\catalog\product\list\toolbar.phtml through my own module. I want to specify the available categories on the current list.

Example: I search for "shirt" and the products that contains "shirt" is in 2 categories: summer and winter.

The idea is that the user can filter by (not order by) one of the two categories available. I searched this function:

<?php foreach ($this->getAvailableLimit() as  $_key=>$_limit): ?> 

I found out that it only works with specific attributes of product and only for "order by", but what about the categories? and if I want to "filter by"?

Is that possible? Any ideas?


I response to myself:

I do it!

On the one hand I copied the file toolbar.php to override it (and add my personalized functions) and secondly the List.php file to edit the collection list and add my category_id filter. Finally I edited my toolbar.phtml file to add the dropdown list with available categories and get the categoryId param to keep selected the category in the dropdown.

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You can make categories filterable in the layered navigation. In the admin, if you set the category setting "Is Anchor?", that category will become a filterable attribute. This way you don't have customize it in the toolbar filters.

  • I don't need the default filter layered navigation, because in the template that we are using is deactivated. Thanks for your answer anyway. Feb 11, 2015 at 22:18

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