I have added the Google +1, Facebook like and Twitter buttons to the products page.

The problem is when 2 or more products are created with the same name, magento creates the url-key from the name while appending its id. Now each time the Catalog URL Rewrites index is run the url-key changes and instead of appending the id, it appends id + 1, and if that URL already exists, it appends id + 1 + 1 etc... And each time it increments.

So, since the URL changed, and even though a 301 Redirect was created, Facebook wouldn't merge the like count, nor does twitter. Is there a settings somewhere, to stop Magento from keep changing the product URL on each Rewrite? Or is there nothing I can do about this?

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Are id+1 and id+1+1 the same product? If so why don't you just edit a product to keep the URL the same? You can change the URL if needed and create a rewrite if needed. Also,make sure you have canonical tags.

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