Is there a way to add a pick 3 max in the multiple select form in the custom options page? It's got required but not any other validation.

  • Can you elaborate more. The question is not much clear
    – Sukeshini
    Feb 5 '15 at 23:53

No, there isn't a way to define a minimum other than 1, or any maximum in Magento.

From a UI perspective, you could implement this on the front-end with JavaScript, (I don't think HTML has a way to define a maximum for multi-selects.) But it's obviously not very dynamic unless you're willing to target <select> by name, or apply the limitation to all of them.

As for back-end validation, you could always create an event observer and listen to sales_quote_product_add_after and remove the product from the cart, send an error to the session and redirect back the product page if they select too many values. (There isn't a sales_quote_product_add_before as far as I'm aware, which is annoying.)

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