because of skipping the Review Page for Paypal Express I want to move the Tems and Conditions to the Payment Information as the customer should accept them after selecting Paypal Express (only available payment method) in the Onepage Checkout process.

I managed everything using this Answers
Terms and condition on checkout page except making the checkbox mandatory.

As far I understood there needs to be a modification in the


The check

    if ($requiredAgreements = Mage::helper('checkout')->getRequiredAgreementIds()) {
        $postedAgreements = array_keys($this->getRequest()->getPost('agreement', array()));
        if ($diff = array_diff($requiredAgreements, $postedAgreements)) {
            $result['success'] = false;
            $result['error'] = true;
            $result['error_messages'] = $this->__('Please agree to all the terms and conditions before placing the order.');

has to be moved from saveOrderAction() to savePaymentAction()

savePaymentAction() has another structure ... if anybody managed this some help would be appreciated.



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Found the following solution.

The terms and condition was moved to the 1. Step "Billing Information".


add after line 323:

<block type="checkout/onepage_billing" name="checkout.onepage.billing" as="billing" template="checkout/onepage/billing.phtml">
   <block type="checkout/agreements" name="checkout.onepage.agreements" as="agreements" template="checkout/onepage/agreements.phtml"/>

add after line 339:

<reference name="head">
   <action method="addItem"><type>skin_js</type><name>js/checkout/review.js</name></action>

comment out line 417:

<!-- <block type="checkout/agreements" name="checkout.onepage.agreements" as="agreements" template="checkout/onepage/agreements.phtml"/>-->

The result is as followed, the check box is mandatory.

enter image description here

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