Is there any way to determine Simple products that are not associated with a configurable? I want to make all simple products configurable due to the way Magento handles minimum order quantities (it automatically enters the minimum quantity for simple products, and does not for configurable s and changes the price of the item to minimum order quantity * item price, and that's confusing and an invitation to errors).

Thanks in advance for your help. I'm looking for a non-programmatic solution. I use the admin interface and Store Manager for Magento.

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turtledave,Magento did not provide this type on function,So without any coding or MySQL Query,you can not get the solution.

Mysql: Magento save the relation between configurable product and it child products at catalog_product_super_link and save it product basic data at catalog_product_entity Table.

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Write select query with select type_id=simple simple product and check that product id exit at catalog_product_super_link table product_id. columns.

For getting Simple products that are not associated with a configurable

    SELECT * FROM `jsw_catalog_product_entity` where entity_id 
not in (SELECT product_id FROM `jsw_catalog_product_super_link`) and type_id='simple'
  • OK, thanks a bunch. Not sure why i didn't think to query the database. I can do that! I really appreciate your help.
    – turtledave
    Commented Feb 2, 2015 at 19:22

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