I have been searching how to use Paypal Express Checkout, but i can't show the Paypal button on my products page or even in the cart page...

As you can see below, i have the following configuration on my admin page: Magento Admin Configuration for Paypal Express

What else do i need to do for this to properly work?

PS: I already have read the paypal guides and it just confused me more.

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Go to Admin -> System -> Cache Management and click Flush Magento Cache.

  • Thanks, but i already cleaned all Caches and it still doesn't show.. I'm using Sahara template from Theme Forest, could it be a problem with the template? Feb 3, 2015 at 11:06

Well, i've been talking with Paypal support team, and it turns out it was problem with the template i was using. After that, I've made a ticket with the theme support team and they solved the problem for me.

The problem was in a comment in paypal.xml in my theme, so if someone have the same problem just look at


and see if there is something commented.

PS: Don't forget to disable Magento Cache


Please check your settings in


Are the modules:


have the status "Enabled"?

  • I already solved the problem, in contact with the support team of my theme. I gave my solution to this problem in an awnser early, but thanks for your support anyway! :) Feb 19, 2015 at 18:32

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