I want to ask something.. Do you ever use UPS Shipping module in magento? I have weird case.. If I set shipping settings from "United States", the shipping module is working well..

But, If I set it from indonesia ( I already check the zip code fromups.com/ctc ), it's shows me nothing.. And I'll check it from ups.com/ctc , it shows me result.. So, anyone know about this problem? Thanks

  • are you selecting proper shipping method and address which is supported from indonesia ? Commented Feb 3, 2015 at 6:40

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My understanding is, that the built in ups module is only working for us adresses ... at least I did not get it running for UK adresses.

You can investigate the reason by setting:

System->Configuraton->Shipping Methods->UPS->Debug = Yes.

For every communication with the ups server you will find an entry in folder

/var/www/yourmagentoshop/var/log/shipping_ups.log file.

Logfile contains the request Array with data like

 [22_destCountry] => GB

and gets a result from the ups server

[result] => UPSOnLine5%Unsupported country specified%6920

Magento uses 2 character country codes, as the ups web site interface expects 3 character country codes.

I now use the Webshopapps Matrix Rates free extension and setup weight and country dependent table rates for ups shipping.


This issue is not related to ISO codes for countries.

The UPS carrier (based on cgi) allows to ship only if origin country is USA, your origin country is Indonesia, that's why you get this error. But you can use UPS XML type instead.


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