I have a Shop with a whole bunch of configurable products. There are some attributes for Size and color, whereby technically everything is working fine.

But there is one thing I cannot get my head around: How to make Magento print the right label of the Attribute in the right language?

Instead of the Label, which can be set in the »manage Label / Options« tab (inside the attributes' manage view), it prints the attribute code…

How can I make Magento print the Label?

Please see the image below: The values within the »Manage Titles (Size, Color, etc.)« are just not used in the frontend.

enter image description here

Thanks in Ahead!

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Hallo the label you need is managed in the catalog->manage products

enter image description here

if you check the "Use default" the label of the attribute is used, otherwise the "Attribute Name" will be used.

I suggest you to use the "Use default" flag so that you can eventually change all the label by the

Catalog -> attributes -> attribute.

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