I'm using the following for an mysql update. It is adding the column correctly however it is not defining the default. It keeps it setting default to NULL. Any suggestions on where I am going wrong would be greatly appreciated.

$installer = $this;

$installer->getConnection()->addColumn($installer->getTable('admin/user'), 'enable_subclass', Varien_Db_Ddl_Table::TYPE_SMALLINT, null, array(
        'nullable'  => false,
        'default'   => '0',
        ), 'Admin Sub-Class Status');


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You are calling addColumn in Varien_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Mysql

    $installer->getConnection()->addColumn($installer->getTable('admin/user'), 'enable_subclass', array(
        'type'      => Varien_Db_Ddl_Table::TYPE_SMALLINT,
        'unsigned'  => true,
        'nullable'  => false,
        'default'   => '0',
        'comment'   => 'Admin Sub-Class Status'

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